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The association was founded on 5 August 1934 as „Association sportive Catholique Ettelbruck“ (ACSE), 3 years after the first basketball section had been founded in Bettembourg (Luxembourg). The catholic youth federation was anxious to offer a sport, in order to be able to stand up to the competition of other youth organizations such as the Scouts or football federations. So basketball appeared to be a suitable sport. It is played in the „Lärchen“ on a meadow covered with a layer of ash.


We are happy to announce that we signed Gavin Love as our head coach of the mens team. 
Gavin has a large resume with different coaching experiences all over europe, most lately in Contern. 
Next to Gavin, Dragan Stipanovic will stay with us as an assistant coach for the mens team and a youth coach.
Finally, we are also happy to share with you that Dragana Zoric will stay as coach of our young womens team. 
Mir sinn frou iech matdehlen ze kënnen, dat den Gavin Love eisen neien Härentrainer gëtt. 
Den Gavin huet schonn an diversen europäeschen Länner Coaching-Erfahrungen sammelen kënnen, rezent beim AB Contern. 
Nierwend dem Gavin wäerd och den Dragan Stipanovic dem Club erhaalen bleiwen an als Co-Trainer an Jugendcoach weider fungéieren.
Fir d‘News oofzeschléissen kënnen mir och mat grousser Frehd behaapten, dat d‘Dragana Zoric als Dammentrainer vunn eise jonker Equipe weider mecht.

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